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Are you in the mood for love and pounds of greasy meat? Then come on down for your first day on the job at the Burger Bin! 

This game includes:

  • Five unique romantic endings
  • Some Jokes™
  • Gay stuff
  • Illustrated backgrounds and sprites all made by me!

Will you reveal a coworker's dark secret? Will you clean a bathroom while your arch nemesis yells at you about D&D? Will you fall in love with a sexy dad? Anything could happen in this wacky dive into romance and labor exploitation.


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BroilMyBuns-1.0-mac.zip 22 MB
BroilMyBuns-1.0-pc.zip 39 MB


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The dialogue and story  had me ugly laughing, especially Jess's fetish lmao.  The characters are definitely fun and unique. I fell in love with all of them. : )

short & beefy. loved it

This is a masterpiece.

The dialogue was incredibly funny and all the characters were so unique and lovable! Especially Floss! I really loved talking to her. What a gem this game is!

YEEEEEES I loved it!Firstly:the story was unique and funny,the characters were hilarious(I just can't with Jess...You're something else,I loved itxD).MUST be proud! 

Secondly:Will there be more of this game?Cause I'm in a need of more of this story with the mayonnnaise guy.Really,would be a waste:((( 


Okay, first things first: I LOVED THIS MORE THAN I THOUGHT I WOULD. 

The writing was very refreshing, I found myself smiling at how relatable you wrote the main character. ALSO, I absolutely lost my shit at Jess' "dark secret"! My favorite line has to got to be "A couple liters of mayonnaise ago". That scene was so vivid in my mind, I laughed for a good five minutes! Thank you for making this! :)   (also, I love your sprites and backgrounds SO MUCH. Like, ughhhh they're beautiful...)