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Dialogue was hilarious. I loved this.

i loved thissss! i do be kinda crushing on jess and dick tho πŸ˜³ also i want floss to adopt me


This does indeed spark joy.

i loved this sm :,))) 

also that dark secret omg,,,


you spark joy


I really enjoy playing through the different routes. The lack of music is kinda eery for me but this was a nice game to play. Also what, how can one get off to mayo?



this was so good holt shit lmfaoskjsjs the thing with jess caught me so off guard omg


the music and sound isn't working for some reason :( the characters and art are really cute tho


my game ended in the first day idk maybe I did something wrong or is it not a complete version yet? love this art style


hi, thank you for playing my game! each story line ends after the first day, so you didn't do anything wrong. this little project was created for a class and was intended to be a brief story experience. however, i do hope to eventually revisit these characters and expand the narrative. thanks again for playing 🐌✨


The dialogue and story  had me ugly laughing, especially Jess's fetish lmao.  The characters are definitely fun and unique. I fell in love with all of them. : )


short & beefy. loved it

This is a masterpiece.

The dialogue was incredibly funny and all the characters were so unique and lovable! Especially Floss! I really loved talking to her. What a gem this game is!

YEEEEEES I loved it!Firstly:the story was unique and funny,the characters were hilarious(I just can't with Jess...You're something else,I loved itxD).MUST be proud! 

Secondly:Will there be more of this game?Cause I'm in a need of more of this story with the mayonnnaise guy.Really,would be a waste:((( 



Okay, first things first: I LOVED THIS MORE THAN I THOUGHT I WOULD. 

The writing was very refreshing, I found myself smiling at how relatable you wrote the main character. ALSO, I absolutely lost my shit at Jess' "dark secret"! My favorite line has to got to be "A couple liters of mayonnaise ago". That scene was so vivid in my mind, I laughed for a good five minutes! Thank you for making this! :)   (also, I love your sprites and backgrounds SO MUCH. Like, ughhhh they're beautiful...)